How to Make Map?

Published on game is an enemy shooting game. To win this game, you have to target all your enemies, kill them and ensure that you have reached the highest enemy killers ranking. In this game, all players can design the map according to their wishes and tastes. Players’ own maps can be played by all players after they have been approved by the producer of the game. In this article, we are going to talk about how to make map.

Playing game

There are custom and official maps for the players to play this interesting enemy shooter game. There are also different weapon classes that are available in this game. They include Hunter, Triggerman, Spray N Pray, Run N Gun, Detective and Vince. As a player, you are free to choose from one of these game weapons classes. After choosing the weapon class, you can then join the games immediately. When you have enough information about the game, you can start to learn how to make map.

Reasons for Creating Map

Just like many players out there, you might be tired of playing on the old maps and you might start to play the game on the maps that had been created by other players. As time goes by, you might also get bored playing with map created by another player and you may want to create new map. In case you want to start using your own imagination or you are just don’t like the maps that have been created by other players, you can simply create your own maps.

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